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The meaning of the runestone Inguz

With its simple depiction of a circle, Inguz is the completion rune. It indicates that a situation has ended, that a plan has successfully concluded. It also can represent that feeling of relief at the end of a task well done. Inguz is almost always fortuitous-even when a situation has ended somewhat badly for the querent, at least it has ended. When something ends, something else begins, so Inguz indicates new beginnings as well. If you think of it that way, it is easy to see why Inguz is also a fertility rune. Depending on how the rune is drawn, it even sort of resembles the double helix of DNA, further cementing its use as a fertility symbol. Depending on the runes surrounding it, the fertility indicated could be literal, as in a child-to-be, or more figurative, such as a new job, new relationship, or a new stage of life for the querent.

The Inguz foundation is situated in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.

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We organize public demontrations and you are able to follow courses and workshops. Most of them are Dutch spoken and sometimes we introduce English speaking mediums (as shown below) in a public centre in Alkmaar and a little church in Obdam in the Netherlands


Janet was born in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1949. She then went on to live in Durham, Stoke on Trent and now resides in Harrogate North Yorkshire. Having been married to Trevor for over 35 years, they have two sons and three young granddaughters. Janet’s father came from a mediumistic family and consequently it was no surprise when Janet displayed the sensitivity faculties. As a child Janet was greatly influenced by her paternal grandmother, this grandmother was one of 11 children.

Eliza Maud Mary was very interested in knowing about the Spirit World and her sister Gertrude was a medium. As a child Janet would listen to all the fascinating stories about the “spooky” things that went on. Janet was to understand table rapping and the Ouija board before she reached the age of 16. Janet’s own father and his brother were also mediumistic. It was not until after her father died that she moved much more towards Spiritualism. Janet was 27 when her father died and 37 when she first started to work with her mediumship.  Janet was taken to a Spiritualist church by her mum and her mums great friend Lily. Lily is the mother of Jackie Trent the singer. They took her there because there was an auction on and at that time Janet had a small janet_08.jpgsecond hand and antique business. The auction however was preceded by a Spiritualist Service of Clairvoyance and for Janet it was an epiphany. She felt as if she had come “home”. All the strange dreams that she constantly had, all the strange feelings that she constantly felt and all the strange words that seemed to enter her head as if by magic, everything seemed to be falling into place.

The ArthurFindlayCollege in Stansted, Essex is where Janet teaches courses in Great Britain.The college is open all the year round for courses, which help people develop their psychic and mediumistic skills. The Spiritualist National Union owns this College. Although Spiritualism is a recognised religion, the college is open to all denominations. Janet currently works also abroad in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. She has also worked in the U.S.A. When Janet works in Italy, she works mostly for a foundation, which helps families who have children in the Spirit World. There can be as many as 800 people who come to these demonstrations in Italy.

She is recognised within the Spiritualist movement as an Officiant, in other words she conducts weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies etc. She also holds awards for being a recognised Teacher of the Union. This award is for people who have qualified in teaching teachers and not just teaching students. She holds a certificate in speaking and in demonstrating mediumship from the Spiritualist National Union.

Janet is also a lecturer and course organiser at the Arthur Finlay College for the French-, Swiss- and Italian Week. Her students come from their various countries to Stansted Hall to sample the glorious surroundings and to experience a week of Spiritual Awareness. 

Janet works with her good friend and colleague Paul Jacobs, they work in totally different ways and yet their students find that their teaching compliments each others. They have done many charity events together and especially charities for Children’s Hospices. In Oct. 2003 they raised £5000 for a hospice in Stoke on Trent by presenting an evening of clairvoyance at the Victoria Hall in Stoke on Trent. The event was attended by over 900 people.

When Janet has time she also does private consultations for people who are either bereaved or who need help in some way or other.

You can also take a look on Janet's new website

About: TONY STOCKWELLtony_stockwell_js.jpg

Even as a child Tony knew he was different from other children. From an early age he was aware of seeing people before him that others could not see. It was common for him to hear his name being called by someone unseen, and also common for him to be aware of events before they actually happened. To him, all this was perfectly normal.

Born in the East End of London, and part of a close, extended family, much of Tony’s early childhood was the same as any other. All through his early school years, and into teenage hood the most amazing paranormal events happened to, and around, Tony.

When he was 16 years old he was invited by a friend to attend a local spiritualist church, and from the minute he set foot inside the door he knew this was what he wanted to do with his life, and what was expected of him. This was the beginning of Tony’s journey to becoming one of the countries most well-known and respected Psychic Mediums.

Over the years that followed, Tony took every opportunity to demonstrate his mediumistic ability, endeavouring to reunite relatives with their departed loved ones. He is always striving to push the boundaries of his work, wanting each message from the other side to be as perfect as possible to prove, beyond doubt, that our spirits are eternal and are able to communicate with us.

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Paul has been a Spiritualist since 1983, the first Spiritualist church he visited was Wolverhampton SNU Church, in the West Midlands, England. In his own words "It was like coming home", he recognised that he had found something, but did not know what it was. The lady taking that first service was none other than Paul's own Great Aunt, Lavinia, who he had not seen for many years. Not knowpaul2.jpging that she was a medium it came as quite a surprise! A few months later Lavinia introduced Paul to Longton Church and Gordon Higginson. Gordon was not just President of the church but also President of the Spiritualists' National Union, Principle of the Arthur Findlay College and one of the finest all round mediums of the 20th century.

From that time on Gordon became a personal friend and mentor teaching Paul to not only recognise but also to unfold his latent mediumistic gifts. Paul's first public demonstration came in 1990 after 7 years of intensive development under the guidance of Gordon and Martin Young. For the next 2 years most of his public work were combined demonstrations with Gordon and Simon James, who was also under Gordon's guidance.1993 was a very important year for Paul. In this year he became a tutor at the world famous Arthur Findlay College. This was a major step forward because for the previous 6 years he had been organising courses, now he had to teach as well.

Gordon passed to the world of Spirit, and Paul took over as President of Longton Church, he also gave up his business to become a professional medium. From this time onwards Paul's reputation as an international teaching medium steadily grew. His work took him to Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Germany and the USA. At the same time he became a popular figure on the church circuit throughout the United Kingdom serving many of the 400 churches. Paul's main interest today is the training of tomorrows mediums. To this end he currently setting up his own school for mediums, this will be based in Hannover, Germany.

He is also taking his mediumship out to the general public by demonstrating outside of the Spiritualist movement. This is very important to him as he wants as many people as possible to discover the reality of life after death and the change that knowledge can bring to their own lives.

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